Dr. Devendra Jain giving a talk on mind management and alternative medicine in officers training school jaipur and in various rotary clubs in jaipur  and workshops 

Alternative healing


Introduction Of Dr. Devendra  Jain

Mr. Devendra Jain passed his MBBS & MS From SMS College, Jaipur. He has been practising as sexual medicine consultant and infertility in Jaipur  Since 1983. He is fellow of World association for sexology,

         International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood, Washington D.C
         The royal Society of Health, London, U.K
         The American Fertility Society

He has attended many International conferences on sexual medicines, infertility and Veneral diseases, including first  ever world congress of sexology held in New Delhi india on Nov.4,1985.

He Participated in the second Asian and oceanic  congress andrology, held in Chandigarh, india on Nov.16/2/1996. He attended Post graduate course Semen Processing, sponsored by asian society of andrology, organised by dept. Of biophysics, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Also attended national workshop on sexually transmitted diseases & theraepeutic aspects for assisted conception, organised by institute of haematology, new delhi on 24-25 april, 1993. He participated in national andrology workshop on male reproductive & sexual medicine , Bombay under the auspices of Bhatia general hospital, Bombay on 26th & 27 the March,1994.

He participated in the world congress of natural medicines  held under the auspices of the open international university for complimentary medicines held in New Delhi in march 1995.

He has been awarded doctorate in the field of Dermatology & venerology, D.C V.D on 3rd January 1985 by the society for advanced studies in medical sciences, affiliated to the international university Independence, Missouri, USA.

He Has been an associate member of the world Medical association.

He also participated in the international convention of Ayurveda, organised by all India Ayurvedic Congress on 10-12th April 1992 held in New Delhi.

Besides he has much interest in alternative system of Therapies.

He is fellow of American association of professional Hypnotherapists ,USA

He is grand master of Reiki and author of book “ Reki se Chikitsa kaise Karen” published by popular book depot, another book on reiki is “ reiki ek Deviaya Sparsh”. Many of his articles on reiki, hypotherapy, hypnosis and self hypnosis, dhyan, pranic healing, have been published in Rajasthan Patrika, Dainink Navjyoti &  Dainik Bhasker, Jaipur

He presently director rotary club, Jaipur Pink City. He is known for his oratorical skill and speaks on various topics on alternative medicine, healing,mind management and other life changing topics eg stress management.