We offer highly effective treatments for all sex related problems. To avail our services you can contact us either in person or over the phone for initial enquiry. We treat Sexual Problems of Both Male & Female.

         Erectile Dysfunction ( failure to get erection)
         Ejaculatory Problem (Early discharge, instant discharge of Semen )
         Loss of libido (lack of sexual feelings)
         Worries about Penis size
         Dhatu Rog
         Veneral Diseases caused by unsafe sex
         Viz. Syphilis
         Aids & many more diseases.

Warning : Never Self medicate yourself & your Health and life is precious Contact for happy Married Life & solve the infertility problems caused by Azoospermia ( no sperms in semen) & Oligospermia (very few sperms). Lack of Sex Education Causes a lot of Myths prevailing in sexual Field.


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